What is karate? The word karate is broken down into two words – “k a r a” meaning empty, and “t e” meaning hand. So then karate simply implies empty hand and the word “do”, pronounced “doe”, implies weigh way, therefore karate is the way of the empty hand, or the weaponless weapon. Now there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about karate and all the martial arts coming from movies and TV and just plain ignorance. I would like to put to rest some of those myths right here. First off, karate is not a sport, nor is it just an activity, nor is it violent in any way. Karate is a way of life. It is a mind-body-spirit connection designed to enhance one’s life in all facets of life. Karate promotes Health and Fitness as well as strength and stamina. It builds self-esteem, self-awareness, focus, and autonomy. It helps create balance, flexibility, control, hand eye foot coordination, and much much more. And we did not even discuss that it can save your life. Karate promotes a healthy attitude, a positive attitude. Karate and other martial arts have also been used by doctors for individual suffering from ADD and ADHD. Karate can and will change your life and not to mention  may also save it.

Now that you know ….. What it Means  its time to Learn it