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            Heimlichs  Karate       

                                       Program Memberships


 Our 1 Month Trial offer: – only  289.00    

                                              Limited class –   1 class per wk / White uniform must purchase at reg.   65.00

                                              Limited material and class time 45 min.




 BRONZE TIGER: – 6 month program only 299.00 – plus 189.00 reg.


                           Limited 2 Classes per wk /  uniform must purchase at reg. 65.00

                           Limited material and class time 45min.


                              195.00 DN. & 189.00 PER MONTH – Plus 189.00 Reg.

                   Limited 2 class’s per. wk uniform must purchase at reg. 65.00

                   Limited material and class time 45.min. to 1 hr.



                            295.00 DN. & 179.00 PER MONTH

                        Limited classes 2 per wk- Black Uniform  must purchase at reg.                            

                        Full Class time                                                                                                                        



 BLACK BELT DIAMOND:  Leadership program

  36 MONTH MEMBERSHIP- Plus 189.00 Reg.


                  495.00 DN. & 289.00 PER MONTH * PLUS FREE Starter Package,

 Free Black Class Uniform, Free Leadership Uniform


Plus …Unlimited Training, Full Curriculum, Special Training, FREE workshops, free Demo Team Training,

And Free Membership, Free Weapons Training, pus free personal training, Special discounts on Equipment and testing    *  NEW… also includes Free Mat Time




FAMILY SPECIAL –   595.00 DN. 499.00 per Month, up to 4 members

Add 50.00   per month for each additional family member.

36 month membership with all the privileges of the LEADERSHIP PROGRAM



                          SERVICE FEE:  6% per Credit Card Transaction


          The 1 Month Trial Membership 


        And the Bronze Tiger /6 month Membership



Are both introductory one time  offers for for new students only

And must be up graded before the end of the agreement to be eligible for

Special upgrade Discounts…



up-grade from 1 month and/or Bronze tiger .  


to  the silver bullet, Golden Dragon, and Black belt Diamond –  Receive Free registration for that program Plus additional dis counts



               —-   OR  —-



Up grade to the Golden Dragon or

Leadership program…


 and receive Free Registration for that Program (Save up to129.00)


 Plus Free Starter Package:  (Black belt Diamond only)


Starter Pak Includes:      Free School Uniform,

                                          Free Demo Team Uniform,

                                                     Free T-shirt, Free hand wraps ,

                                 and free Karate equipment bag.                                                   

                                            An additional   200.00 value FREE



special discounts 

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