personal protection

Personal Protection

Welcome to Tears and Tissues for violent Issues!!  The broad spectrum of personal protection can be best understood in terms of three different but related concepts.  First is the psychological, Second is the intellectual, and 3rd is the physical.  The Psychological involves the understanding and the acknowledgement of the many threats that exist.  It is very difficult for people to accept.  They can become a victim of a violent crime.  Failure to accept this truth is the very barrier that must be overcome.  Next is the intellectual, we are not talking about I.Q. here; we are talking about street smarts.  This is what makes the criminal so dangerous.  We need to be street smart in order to know who, what, where, and when a criminal may strike.  The last is the physical aspect.  You must develop the appropriate self defense capability for any situation.  Though it may sound a bit brutal or primitive, and some may actually view the martial arts as a violent crime in itself.  However this is a misconception Dr. Protection will touch on later in the seminar.  Some of the principals are actually quite sophisticated.  Some include combative fitness, execution of techniques, combative attributes, strike and target strategies, and kinesthetic. You do not have to be a master to reach a level of proficiency necessary to defend yourself properly and effectively.  What you do need is Dr. Protection’s personal protection system, Only at Heimlich’s Karate

                     Personal Protection is not an option, it is a necessity.

Private Sessions = 1 Hr.

  • 79.00 ea.  1 to 7 Sessions
  • 59.00 ea .  8 to 16 sessions
  • 39.ea.   17 to 30 sessions

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