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AKA doctor protection is an author, actor, speaker and a martial arts professional!  He is a 7th Dan martial artist with over 35 years experience in teaching and training. He specializes in women's self-defense as well as children's martial arts and special needs. He is also a former law enforcement officer and is a multiple Hall of Fame recipient inductee. He has also conducted many seminars, workshops and demonstrations throughout the Delaware Valley area.


Master Heimlich is also a champion competitor with over 70 wins to his name. His students have won at least 1-3 trophies each at every single tournament they entered into, which is a direct reflection of the dedication, hard work and teaching skills that have been offered at Heimlich's Karate.

Throughout the years, he has worked with several martial arts celebrities such as Cynthia Rothrock, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Michael Jai White, & Michael Depasquale, in which in 2019, Master Heimlich received a black belt under the Depasquale Combat Ju Jitsu regime. He has been featured in several commercials and films ; His latest being Creed 2 and Chadwick Boseman's 21 Bridges. In addition, he is the author of several books which can be found through purchase on Amazon, one of which he won author of the year and book of the year for 2019.  He's also an advocate for women's personal protection and is the areas number one self defense expert.


Master Heimlich, has also received his kickboxing instructor certification from the Cooper institute of aerobic research and is a certified acupressure therapist. Master Heimlich, received a Master level certification along with a bachelor's from Dr. Peter Urban, the grand patriarch of all of Goju Ryu in America. He is also the founder and director of Heimlich's Karate Systems and the creator of Doctor Protection and the Doctor Protection Personal Development and Personal Protection Safety Center.


Master Heimlich has received recognition for his valuable contributions and dedications as a true leader and friend throughout the many years in the martial arts. He is currently teaching in South Jersey and continues to work on his acting career. You can find him on many social media networks!

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